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Jonathan Ive of Apple

Apple’s product designer Jonathan Ive speaks here during an interview with Channel Four presenter Jon Snow. He discusses making computing cute through the use of candy colours in the iMac G3 of the 1990’s as well as the hand turned flower like metal stem of the iMac G4 from 2002
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Jonathan Ive Apple


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Marie Curie in her home labroratory

This rare clip shows radioactivity pioneer Marie Curie in her home laboratory where she discovered Radium which was widely used as a possible cure for cancer.
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marie curie

She was also the first woman to win a Nobel prize, not once but twice!! In 1903 she won the Nobel prize for physics and in 1911 the Nobel prize in chemistry.

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Professor Theremin of Leningrad demonstrates his music making invention

I love this clip 🙂
It shows some of the early history of electronic music making, with the innovative Leon Theremin demonstrating one of the first mass-produced electronic music devices, producing music by hand-capacity effect on the machine.
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Prof theremin

I was also surprised to see that he also invented interlacing in television and video.. hmm a bit of a sore point for people involved with digital video 😛 interlacing can create a sort of stuttering effect when rendered using the wrong field order and can also lead to a reduction in quality when transcoded as progressive video.
Anyway enough geekyness from me!

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Life inside a New York Ghetto

ITN Source have recently been adding clips to Youtube and upgrading their channel.
This clip has been very popular as it shows very rare footage of a New York ghetto during the 1970’s and has sparked lots of debate.

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